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Preparing students for the workplace

To prepare students for the workplace, whether it is paid employment or a work placement, they should know about discrimination law, work conditions and health and safety. This website helps students understand their rights and responsibilities in relation to discrimination and harassment laws. The following links provide further information about work conditions and health and safety:

  • Fair Work Ombudsman - industrial relations (conditions at work, including wages, breaks, hours of work, rostering, leave entitlements and how employment is terminated).
  • SafeWork SA - Youth@Work - workplace health, safety and welfare (making sure the workplace is a safe place to be, including the work environment, adequate instruction and supervision).
  • Traineeship and Apprenticeship Services - students who are undertaking or considering an apprenticeship or traineeship have additional conditions to be aware of.

For students doing work experience or work placements, the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) provides a number of Workplace Learning Guidelines. For more information, visit the DECD website.

We can also offer a free presentation to your students that gives an overview of their rights and duties as new workers.