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The EO4Schools site is divided into six sections.

The first three deal with the areas of life covered by discrimination laws, that is, school life, work life and community life. (Discrimination is not illegal in private life, for instance, in choosing your friends.) These sections explain what discrimination is and where it is illegal, with examples and some questions for discussion. The work life section also contains links to other information sources that students may need as they enter the workforce.

General information about equal opportunity can be found in the Home section, including human-rights information and information about the role of the Equal Opportunity Commission.

The activities section contains quizzes, activities, and useful links. The quizzes are graded from 1 to 3 according to difficulty. As a guide, level 1 quizzes are suitable for students in years 7 or 8, level 2 for students in year 9 and level 3 for students in year 10 or above.  All the information needed to answer the quiz questions is found on this site. We will continue to add to the activities section.

Finally, this section offers you some ideas for class exercises and written work to get students thinking about the values and reasoning behind discrimination law. We can also visit your school to present to senior students about their rights in the workforce (not limited to discrimination rights).

We value teachers’ feedback on this site and your suggestions for improvement.