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Spouse or partner’s identity

Everyone is entitled to equal access to education, regardless of their spouse or partner's identity. Spouse or partner's identity discrimination is treating people unfairly because of who their spouse or domestic partner is. It also covers ex-spouses and ex-partners.

Here is an example:

Liza was 18 and attending high school. She lived with her boyfriend Toby, who was 26 and on Newstart allowance. An article in the local media reported that Toby had been charged with Centrelink fraud. The school asked Liza not to bring Toby along to the school formal.

There are some exceptions. One is where, because of who the spouse or partner is, there is a risk to health or safety. If, for instance, Toby had made threats to harm someone at the school, then it would be legal for the school to ban him from the formal.