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Equal Opportunity Commission

You can complain to the Equal Opportunity Commission if you have been treated unfairly in school life, work life or community life, because of your personal characteristics such as race, disability, etc.

We will help you and the other person reach an agreement to resolve the complaint, if possible. Common examples of agreed solutions are:

  • an apology, public or private
  • a change of decision e.g., allowing you to take part in an activity that you were excluded from
  • an agreement to change a practice or policy e.g., a change to club membership rules.
  • an agreement to send staff for training (if the discrimination seems to have occurred through lack of knowledge)
  • a payment for any monetary losses and for hurt feelings or humiliation.

If you reach an agreement, that ends the complaint. If not, you can take your case to the Equal Opportunity Tribunal for a decision. This is like a court case.

Contact the South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission:

Phone: 8207 1977
Country callers: 1800 188 163
TTY - for hearing/speech impaired: 8207 1911
Fax: 8207 2090
Email: eoc@agd.sa.gov.au
Website: www.eoc.sa.gov.au

Physical location:
Level 17, 45 Pirie Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Postal address:
GPO Box 464
Adelaide SA 5001