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Poet's Corner

Are you creative? Do you feel strongly about human rights? Send an ‘equal opportunity’ poem to Poet’s Corner.

For some inspiration, have a look at

Make sure your poem is under 24 lines. You can email the poem to eoc@agd.sa.gov.au. We look forward to receiving your submission.


To be who you are,
And be what you can be,
This is your right
And responsibility.

Who you are may change,
Life will push you to and fro,
Be confident in yourself,
As you learn and grow.

You may have a plan,
Or go where life may lead,
You can be many things,
If you plan to succeed.

It's your right to try,
To choose to be your best,
No matter what life sends you,
Tackle it with zest.

But remember the flip side,
It's your responsibility,
To do no hurt to others,
In your individuality.

Robert Cooper (submitted November 2015)