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Complete the crossword with words found on EO 4 Schools:


Crossword body


4. Searching the bags of teenagers and not older people is ____ discrimination
5. If you treat someone unfairly because of a person characteristic, it is called _________
10. Treating someone unfairly because they look after a family member is discriminating against them because of their ____ responsibilities
11. School dress policies generally can't stop people from wearing their __________ jewellery


1. _____ dogs are allowed in shops, taxis and restaurants
2. Not hiring someone because they are married is ______ status discrimination
3. In South Australia, discrimination law can be found in the Equal ____ Act
6. If you are discriminated against in South Australia, you can complain to the Equal Opportunity _____
7. You need to lodge a discrimination complaint within ___ months
8. If you keep asking someone out on a date when they have said no, it is sexual _____________
9. If a club wouldn't let someone in because they were Indian, it would be ____ discrimination